Conditions for receiving a Dominica passport (second citizenship):

The costs and conditions of obtaining a second citizenship of Dominica (obtaining a passport) are discussed on this page.

It is very easy to get a Dominica passport and get a valid second citizenship. You can travel to 143 countries without a visa by receiving a Dominica passport. Countries such as the United Kingdom (6 months residence permit), Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and all European countries (3 months residence permit) and some countries in Asia and South America. Use an Dominica passport to open an international bank account without any restrictions and avoid the risk of being blocked.

ApplicantDurationDonation orinvestment
Single person3-5 months$ 100,000$ 260,000
Two people (couple)3-5 months$ 150,000$ 290,000
Couple + one child3-5 months$ 175,000$ 320,000
Third child onwards3-5 months$ 25,000$ 38,000
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Documents required to obtain Dominica citizenship:

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this citizenship is for life and no authority in Dominica will have the right to revoke it.

Dominica citizenship is inherited to the applicant’s children.

You can easily get a 10-year visa for Canada, the United States and Australia.