Conditions of residence in France

The costs and conditions for obtaining a French residence card are discussed on this page.

Acquisition of French financial support or French self-support begins with the presentation of proof of financial status in the country in which you live. Financially support the destination country and prove it to the French government by providing documents.

In the process of obtaining a residence permit through the French Financial Authority, a person can obtain a residence card for this beautiful and touristic country of France only by presenting a title deed, bank account turnover and a bank deposit of at least 15,000 Euros.

Cost of actionDurationresidency cardstaying timeCost of LivingReceipt conditions
7900 Euros3-6 monthshas itOne year1500 euros per monthDeposits and deeds
مکان های جذاب فرانسه

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Documents required for financial support in France:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, you do not need to invest, register a company or pay the French government.

 Yes, the applicant and her(his) family, all educational services (all sections) are free.

You can travel without restrictions in all Schengen countries and Europe.

All medical services are provided completely free of charge.