Get a stay at Dae Makanada (Startup Canada)

Costs and conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Canada through the launch of a special startup approved by the Government of Canada

اقامت دائم کانادا

Starting a startup in Canada has its own challenges. Start-up Canada Visa is a program for applicants with entrepreneurial skills and the potential to start a business in the country who intend to immigrate to Canada.

Canada will grow its economy with the goal of attracting entrepreneurs and supporting their new and successful ideas in various fields. To this end, the Government of Canada has granted concessions to foreign applicants who come up with new and quick ideas. With this different and new method, you can easily apply to enter Canada and receive permanent residence in this country.

Cost of actionDurationpermanent residencyCanadian passportCost of LivingReceipt conditions
$ 125,0006-12 monthshas itAfter 3 yearsAfter 3 yearsStartup

Documents required to start a startup in Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get permanent residency (PR) in Canada by using the startup method in Canada.

If there is no violation in this country, you can receive a Canadian passport between 3 and 5 months after receiving permanent residence.

In addition to providing permanent residence, it also provides you with an office, staff and even a mentor.

, spouse and children under the age of 18 can also receive permanent residency in Canada with the main applicant.