Terms of buying property in Spain

Get a Golden Visa by buying a property in Spain and travel all over Europe in addition to maintaining the value of your capital!

خرید ملک در اسپانیا

Buying a property in Spain can be a smart and profitable choice for you. First of all, we must say that in this method, the applicant, in addition to receiving the Golden Visa, preserves the value of your capital, and if the property purchased is in a good area, even renting it can start a great income of Euros.

Living in Spain is a dream for many Iranians that becomes a reality by investing in Spain. Spain has the fifth strongest economy in the world. Beautiful beaches, culture, language and many other things have caused many Iranians to be attracted to it.

You may be interested to know that it is possible to obtain a Spanish residence permit by investing in a property worth at least € 500,000, in which case you do not have to stay in Spain. In this method, the applicant must invest in the Spanish real estate sector without taking advantage of a bank loan.

Cost of actionDurationGolden VisaPossibility of saleCost of LivingReceipt conditions
500,000 Euros3-6 monthshas itAfter 5 years609 euros per monthBuy property

Documents required to buy a property in Spain and receive a Golden Visa:

All documents must be officially translated into Spanish and approved by the Spanish Embassy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily travel and live in all parts of Europe without the need for a separate visa.

No People who stay in Spain by buying a property are exempt from taxes.

The education of the applicant and her (his) family will be completely free.

Yes, you can open an account without any restrictions and do not be afraid of being blocked.