Terms of property purchase in Greece

Terms, fees and documents required to purchase property in Greece and obtain a Greek Golden Visa

Buying property in Greece is easier than in other European countries and has a safe margin for Iranians. That is why many people are attracted to investing in Greece. The minimum investment amount to buy a property in Greece is 250 thousand euros.

On April 18, 2013, Greece adopted the Law on Residence for Investment (Greece Golden Visa) with the aim of attracting foreign investment. According to the law, citizens of non-European countries can obtain a residence permit by purchasing a house in Greece if they invest at least 250,000 euros. In fact, one of the types of investments in the Golden Visa method (Golden Visa), can be buying property in Greece.

Cost of actionDurationGolden VisaPossibility of saleCost of LivingReceipt conditions
250,000 Euros3-6 monthshas itAfter 5 years675 euros per monthBuy property
اقامت دائم یونان

Documents required to buy a property in Greece

In addition to the cost of buying a property, in the process of buying a property and obtaining permanent residence in Greece, the applicant must pay the equivalent of 3% of the value of the property as tax to the government, 2% of the value of the property as a fee for real estate transactions and 2,000 euros for applying for permanent residence. Pay yourself. There may also be other side costs for individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the Golden Visa of Greece you can live and study in all Schengen countries without restrictions.

Yes, the applicant and her (his) family, all educational services (all sections) are free.

You can apply for Greek citizenship after 5 years.

Yes, you can get residency in this country by buying a few properties with a total amount of 250,000 euros.